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WaxWorks offers you a choice of entertainment products including the latest formats of Blu-ray and DVD Software, Hardware, and accessories.  Your account will allow you to purchase all of these products at wholesale prices.

Video Games
As a leading distributor of the next generation video games, Wax Works is committed to providing unparalleled service by offering innovative solutions to the growing video game business. We offer hardware and software for Sony PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, PSP, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS and Wii. Our video games department is staffed with experienced sales representatives that will help you navigate the ever-changing world of games.
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Wax Works distributes products from Clear Vu, among other packaging suppliers. Additionally, Wax Works carries a wide variety of cases, security packaging, DVD cleaner and disc repair units.  WaxWorks offers a comprehensive selection of solutions for your accessory needs.
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TanSource, A division of WaxWorks VideoWorks, provides wholesale tanning supplies.  We offer our tanning customers more than 5000 items to assist them in making their indoor tanning business the most efficient and profitable operation possible.
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Advertising Specialties
Promotional Products from ADventures offer you great solutions to fit your marketing and promotional needs.  With over 5,000 items to consider, we can help you choose the right product for your promotion, give you the best price, best imprints and best quality product around.  With an experienced team of skilled art design professionals, we deliver a complete solution to all of your promotional and marketing needs.


WaxWorks innovative Marketing department sets the highest standard for energetic and creative marketing strategies.  Our Marketing department recognizes the importance retailers’ place on studio-sponsored and distributor-generated marketing programs – that’s why we offer a generous roster of creative services and marketing campaigns.  Our resourceful Marketing staff never runs out of ideas.
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Here are a few of the marketing services we offer:

  • The HotSheet -
    Considered the most attractive and informative mailer in the home video industry, WaxWorks’ HotSheet has a tradition of excellence. The bi-weekly mailer is an essential tool and guidepost for our customers. Its many features include DVD Hotpicks, Video Game features, ‘Profit Program’ campaigns, Tanning and Promotional items, and customer-oriented ads that are ready to be displayed in your store and much, much more… WaxWorks’ HotSheet sets the standard in the distribution mailers.

    The HotSheet publication is also the first and only distributor mailer available in electronic format accessible online. Customers can access the HotSheet right from our home page.
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  • VideoWorks -
    As a subscriber you will receive 150 VideoWorks magazines to give to your customers.  They feature the top titles each month, special contest for your customers to enter and a calendar of upcoming video releases.  You will also receive a Coming Attractions poster and sample products with your subscription.
    $17.50 per month
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  • Website -
    WaxWorks easy-to-use business-to-business website, WaxWorksOnlinecom, offers all the tools you need to efficiently run your business!  WaxWorksOnline.com allows our customers to check product availability, place orders, review pricing, view box art and synopsis on all available titles, easily conduct product search for specific titles and categories, access order and shipment status, and much more on an up-to-the-minute basis.
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  • Poster Packs -
    WaxWorks’ poster program provides our customers 13-15 posters of the upcoming releases on a monthly basis.  This is a great tool to help increase consumer awareness regarding upcoming releases!
    $10.00 per month
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  • Smart Screen -
    Generate excitement for upcoming releases in your store with customized in-store previews.  SmartScreen is a technologically advanced in-store entertainment system that simplifies video merchandising and enhances video retail environment.  Rentals will soar when you add this powerful tool to your store!
    $18.90 each
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  • Hot Flash
    Sign up now for your Free Subscription to WaxWorks HotFlash!  WaxWorks HotFlash provides you the latest information regarding industry updates, exciting opportunities at WaxWorks, and weekly sales alerts.  Don't miss out, sign up today!
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Special Order Hotline
WaxWorks understands how valuable your time is. Therefore, for all Special Order requests we have experienced staff always available Monday – Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. to quickly take your orders through our Special Order Hotline.
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